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An overview of IMCA Membership

An overview of IMCA Membership

What is IMCA?

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is a globally recognised trade association that comprises of members who operate in the offshore, marine and underwater engineering contractors and their partners in the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy industries. Since its formation in 1995, IMCA has been representing the interests of organisations and people working in the industry worldwide.

Benefits of IMCA

IMCA has been the leading body in representing and promoting the common interests of maritime professionals and organisations. A member of IMCA also has the opportunities to gain ideas on good practices and instructions to avoid offshore incidents. As a member of IMCA you will have:

  • A forum for meeting with like-minded professionals and companies.
  • A platform for promoting, lobbying and representing the interests of professionals and companies.
  • Access to good practices guidelines, based on members’ global experiences.
  • Seminars and workshops on relevant topics.

Types of IMCA Membership

IMCA offers six different types of memberships:

  • Global Contractor (GCo) - This is the highest form of membership provided only to the members who can reveal a history of active involvement with IMCA with global presence. A GCo membership is usually awarded to the members with International Contractor membership.
  • International Contractor (ICo) - This membership is awarded to the members who can show their scale of marine construction in at least three of IMCA recognised regions. An ICo membership is usually awarded to the members with Contractor Membership.
  • Contractor (Co) Membership - This membership is awarded to the contractors working at national and/or regional level and most of the work programme designed is targeted at this group. The Contractor Membership makes the largest number of members in IMCA.
  • Supplier (S/S*) Membership - This membership is awarded to the suppliers who have played a crucial role in supplying instruments and assistance to marine contractors. IMCA offers two different types of supplier memberships:
    • Suppliers of equipment and services (S)
    • Suppliers of training facility and personnel (S*)
  • Corresponding (C) Membership - This membership is awarded to clients, government bodies and/or regulatory agencies who might be concerned about IMCA’s work and maritime developments.

What KB Associates offers

KB Associates Pte Ltd (KBA) has been offering audit and assessment to clients in obtaining IMCA membership since 2002. We are one of the few maritime consultants with a credible history in the maritime and diving industry. Our management system has full accreditation by ISO 9001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007.

Our service, branded as KBA Solutions, reviews and assesses the client’s management system, procedures, equipment, personnel and documentation to make sure that they are aligned with the prerequisites of an IMCA Diving Contractor member.

We bring to you specialists and professionals keeping safety metrics and industry guidelines in mind. We check every detail and deliver impeccable results. So, if you are looking for an IMCA Diving Contractor membership, don’t forget to give KBA a shot!

For more information and details, please contact us.

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