IMCA Membership Application Consultancy Services

KBA’s long standing familiarity exposure and experience in the diving industry has given it much credibility when it comes to providing diving contractors with consultancy services, specialists personnel competent in accordance with the industry guidelines. KBA consultancy services comes with what is designated as “KBA solutions” (KBAs) whereby KBA conducts a review and assessment of the clients’ management system, procedures, equipment, personnel and documentation in accordance of the requirements of an IMCA Diving Contractor member.

The assessment will focus upon the company policies, management systems, manuals, diving systems, emergency protocols, personal competency (management, safety representative, divers and diving supervisor), diver medic/medical support infrastructure and a thorough survey of all existing equipment used in accordance with the relevant IMCA DESIGN document.

KBA will develop solutions for its client(s) by providing the most effective, efficient and economical options for their daily operational tasks and requirements and IMCA Membership.