AIRTRAQ - Visual Guided Intubation
AIRTRAQ - Visual Guided Intubation
AIRTRAQ - Visual Guided Intubation
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AIRTRAQ - Visual Guided Intubation


In an emergency, the need to maintain a constant flow of oxygen into the airways of patients has always been one of the primary concerns for first responders at the scene of an incident.

Brain cells are very sensitive by nature and the lack of sufficient oxygen will lead to the death of brain cells in less than five minutes. Patients can suffer and eventually die from lack of oxygen in their brain.

Suitable For:
The Airtraq SP resolves this problem with the ease of an ETT insertion - easy to operate, increase effectiveness and safer for the patient. It features a wireless camera, display recorder with playback functions, portable, long battery life, universally compatible with all Airtraq models and its camera connectable to any display.

First responders using the Airtraq have seen an overall success rate of 84.6%, while setting up a successful airway within 30 seconds, making the difference between life and death.

The Benefits
Patients or victims who are not breathing on their own or show no signs of breathing need to be ventilated to ensure oxygen is swiftly provided to them. Endotracheal intubation is a commonly used medical procedure by first responders and physicians.

AIRTRAQ - Visual Guided Intubation (Technical Data)

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