PM 50 - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
PM 50 - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

PM 50 - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


Introducing the Contec Patient Monitor PM50, a three-in-one patient monitoring system that brings the physical analysis of a patient to a new level of convenience through portability, ease of data transmission and technological advancement.

Suitable For:
The PM-50 is flexible for use on adults, pediatrics and new-born children for monitoring their vital signs in locations such as schools, hospices, ships, construction sites and even public bus terminals. The PM-50’s benefits begin with the thought of convenience and user friendliness. A device that covers three aspects of the acquisition of a patient’s vital signs, which previously required three separate monitoring systems, all combined into one.

The PM-50’s software is able to transmit crucial patient information while patients are in transit from incident areas to hospitals. This process saves physicians and medical personnel critical moments in preparing the necessary treatment procedures at the medical facility based on the information provided. It saves time for front line medical personnel in obtaining important information of a patient’s vitals such as:

  1. Pulse Rate
  2. NIBP Blood Pressure Reading
  3. Sp02 Pulse Oximeter

It is equipped with a 24 hours storage allowing for further review of the data received. In tune with the present technology, all data can be transferred to a personal computer. It uses a Windows-based operating system allowing for analysis while allowing the data to be printed out if required.

PM 50 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - Technical Specification

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