HeartSine samaritan - PAD 500P With CPR Advisor

HeartSine samaritan - PAD 500P With CPR Advisor


Regardless of whether it is a lay person or a professional rescuer, the AHA/ERC guidelines place a greater emphasis on the importance of CPR and advocate the prompt initiation of effective bystander CPR to significantly reduce mortality due to out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest (CA). HeartSine can now provide a device to support these guidelines by the introduction of the HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P with CPR Advisor.

HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 500P defibrillator with CPR Advisor is the most innovative device available to support these guidelines, giving rescuers feedback on the effectiveness of their CPR efforts – in real time – based on cardiac output.

Who requires Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs)?

  • Government sectors
  • Place of public assembly i.e. corporations, hotels, restaurants, places of worships, police, medical, dental
  • Education institution
  • Sports/Health Clubs

What is recommended for an effective AED Program?

  • Place a device every 1.5 minutes walking distance
  • Mark AED location with clear signage.
  • If possible, identify first response team and insure they are trained in BLS and AED use.
  • Register device with local EMS.

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