Auditing Service (Diving, ROV, Vessel, Company Management System Audits)

KBA aims to provide our clients with an official and independent audit of related equipment for your project operations. KB Associates audit consists of:-

"A systematic assessment of the adequacy of the equipment to achieve the purpose, carried out by persons who are sufficiently independent of the equipments, to ensure that the assessment is objective".

  • Diving System Audits (In accordance with IMCA D023, IMCA D024, IMCA D037, IMCA D40 audit guidance notes and D014 International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving).
  • ROV System Audits (In accordance with IMCA R006 audit guidance note).
  • Vessel System Audits
  • Company Management System Audits
  • Safety management system audits
  • Health Check audits
  • Food Hygiene audits
  • Medical facilities offshore / onshore audits 
  • Development of Diving Systems FMECA


We aim to display an objective commitment to Diving Safety Management, Equipment and ROV Equipment Inspections with unsurpassed quality. The objective is to serve the client's standards and the contractor's reputation.


is vital to the success of any project. As such, we believe in examining the system as well as checking the operational standards as part of the audit. We aim to verify compliance with requirements from country of jurisdiction, Clients Terms as well as the Approved Code of Practices of accredited memberships.

Standard and Requirements

We assure that the subcontractor, equipment and personnel appointed for your project meets your standard and requirements. Each audit is carried out in accordance with the internationally recognized standard of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and in accordance to our client's specifications. We give you assurance of enhancing the diving / ROV projects safety performance.

Our Commitment

Our auditors are professionals, without affiliations to diving or ROV contractors. They are trained in Safety Management Systems audits registered under the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA), and maintain complete certification under the AODC/IMCA Diving Supervisors Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4. Accredited professionals manage our unique service.

KB Associates Pte Ltd is committed to providing continuous support during the projects planning, mobilization and operational phase's while ensuring the safety and operations to the International Code of Practice.