KBA Marine - New Service Offering (Range of Commercial Diving Services)

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In view of the growing demand of compliant commercial diving services for diving projects in Singapore, KBA Marine Services Pte Ltd (KBAM) is rebranding its services to provide a range of subsea services for the inland/inshore marine and construction industry sectors. By introducing this service, we will be setting new standards for commercial diving services in Singapore whereby only procedures, equipment and trained divers certified under Singapore National Recognised training requirement of ISO 29990:2010 Standard or equivalent are engaged for any project tasks.

The range of services provided will now consist of underwater inspections, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, cofferdam installations, marine construction inspection, repair & maintenance (IRM) services and many more such as:-

  • Underwater Paint Inspections
  • Class Approved In-Water Surveys & Inspections
  • Collision & Grounding Inspections
  • Underwater Hull Cleaning
  • Underwater Propeller Polishing
  • Underwater Blanking & Plugging
  • Underwater Welding & Cutting
  • Cofferdam Installations
  • Marine Construction Inspection, Repair & Maintenance
  • Underwater Security Inspections

Currently, administrative and operation matters are in the development stage now such as hiring of trained and certified personnel (diving supervisors, technicians, divers etc), procurement of diving equipment and establishing the safety and operational procedures with a fully operational date to commence the services of 3rd January 2017. Mr. Richard Tan has been appointed as the General Manager of KBAM to spearhead the new service initiative. Previously, an ex-naval officer (Lieutenant Colonel), who has held various commands of Singapore Navy warships including the elite Naval Diving Unit and in the last 25 years, owned and operated one of Singapore’s largest and experienced commercial inshore diving company where he was responsible for planning, management, supervision and post operation underwater operations. Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to KBAM and aims to position KBAM as one of the leading diving contractors for the inland/inshore sectors in the region.  While the KBA management team has over 120 years of experience between them in Military, inland / inshore and offshore (air and saturation) commercial diving experience, enabling KBAM to be able to harness the wealth of experience to provide a fully compliant and safe commercial diving service.

Darren Brunton, Managing Director of KBA Group said, “Oil & Gas sector is in a downward trend, and venturing into a new operational service might seem challenging however, the marine sector of inland inshore diving services is growing. Singapore, being one of the top three busiest port in the world, the need for a quality and compliant, safe diving contractor is evident. With a broad range of experience within the KBA group and a competent team of commercial divers in KBAM, we are definitely ready to offer the solution for our clients that fully complies with local Singapore legislative Standards and deliver the level service that others aspire to!”

Richard Tan, General Manager of KBAM, commented “Safety is paramount in our nature of work, ensuring that it is in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation such as Workplace, Safety and Health Act (WSHA), Code of Practice for Diving at Work (Singapore Standards SS 511) and Technical Advisory (TA) for Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving Safety and Health. All personnel are trained and qualified to perform the required tasks safely and accurately even in the tightest schedules.”    

KBAM will be fully supported to ensure compliance by the consultancy and expertise from KBA and its training division KBA Training Centre, in its venture in the new arena. KBAM will continue with the quality service that KBA Group has upheld within the accreditation schemes of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate as well as OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management

For further information regarding the services offered, please contact Richard at Tel: +65 6546 0939, divingenquiries@kbamarine.com or visit our website at www.kbamarine.com.