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KBA Engineering Pte Ltd (KBAE) is pleased to announce that we have been accredited with SAC-Singlass accreditation for pressure gauge calibration up to 10,000 psi at 0.25% accuracy. The process of accreditation has taken several months, with internal and external audit’s, the purchase of various equipment, training of staff and a commitment to ensure that what KBAE do is to the highest standard. Achieving this accreditation will enable those who use our service to know that any calibration performed by KBAE will enable that certification to be valid anywhere in the world. To do this it was necessary to ensure that all KBAE equipment was calibrated to an even higher degree, (a factor of 10), and traceable to a National standard. Personnel had to attend training and by practical demonstration had to show that they are capable of understanding the process as well as the mathematics, thus being able to spot erroneous readings.

KBAE are now proud to announce this accreditation and the commencement of calibration services for hydraulic and pneumatic pressure (and depth) gauges, onsite at your work place or offsite in our dedicated approved laboratory. With automated software, calibrated equipment, personnel with proven knowledge and skills, we believe that this will set the standard and will continue with the high quality range of services the KBA group of companies is known for.

KBAE website can be found here.