Introducing KBA Engineering Services Pte Ltd (KBAE)

Tag: Press Releases

KBA Engineering Pte Ltd (KBAE) has been established to provide engineering services and analysis - KBAE has, since its incorporation some eight months ago, conducted engineering and analytical projects previously carried out by KBA. Environmental Hyperbaric Evacuation System testing using the KBAE developed data logging software system has become one of these established services.  KBAE is not however relying purely on projects of an existing nature and is seeking to gain internationally recognized capacities to perform other works that will broaden its horizon.  To this aim, KBAE have been audited under SAC Singlass in order that one of the proposed services will carry accreditation that will cross international boarders, such as pressure gauge calibration.  Very shortly, we will be in the position to offer accredited calibration services on pressure gauges which will include indication and life support units to an accuracy greater than 0.25% accuracy with full  traceability.  Our plans in the near future are to expand the scope of accreditation so as to ensure that services offered are beneficial to our clients both locally and internationally as well as more encompassing.

In our next news letter we shall expand on this when we expect to be in the position to officially announce the commencement of the accredited service.  We have already begun our set up for further scopes that we expect to bring to the market over the next six months.