KBAT Launch the diving bell simulator for IMCA Diver Medic Training - September

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After many weeks of planning, shipment, cleaning up and preparing for use the diving bell that has been provided by Global Industries Asia Pacific Pte Ltd  is now in operation for our IMCA Diver Medic courses. The bell was found in the Global Industries Indonesian Batam yard and after discussions with Global Industries regional management it was agreed to be provided for the use of training divers in simulated bell rescue and CPR drills. Located at KBAT’s practical training facility in Changi and now sitting on a purposed built frame allowing access from the bottom door- DMT students practice diver recovery drills followed by CPR drills inside the bell. Initial comments  from the first students to use the bell as a training aid was that the drills and practice provided excellent means to comprehend the requirements and actions from recovering the diver into the bell- removing the helmet and conducting  CPR Drills, while being closely monitored and tutored by the training team.

With the addition of the diving bell this now complements our DDC where full scenarios of Patient transfer, Decompression Illness; Intubation; suturing ; Intravenous Injections; Catheterisation and patient evaluations are carried out in real time environment.