Return to Work (RTW) Planning - Phase 1

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RTW Planning will play a significant part in the success of any organisation after the ‘time out’ during the COVID-19 stand down period. RTW will need to be carried out in phases and if planned correctly, this can lead to business sustainability. Whether your business is in an office environment, consumer, retail, hospitality, construction, energy or other industries, each will have similar but unique RTW requirements. Planning for RTW should start now! So that a robust plan can be established and implemented to cover all aspects of Health checks, System Safety assurance, equipment & systems checks, Human Resources considerations, RTW training & inductions, Motivation of your teams, compliance verifications and requirements specific to your business area of operation and industry, etc.

KB ASSOCIATES has 19 years experience of overcoming business challenges. Our management have many years of working with crisis scenarios, establishing and implementing RTW Plans and Policies, Identifying business risks and operational hazards and implementing risk management control measures to ensure successful outcomes.

Whether you are Sole Proprietor, SME, MNC and have the foresight to be planning your RTW Plan – contact us today for advice to identify a way forward for your sustainability!