December 2009

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With the end of 2009 approaching, in this issue we wish to keep the introduction short and sweet! Why? As Item one on the news is long but interesting- this outlines a story of KBA 2002 to 2009. We hope you find it interesting. The news also consists of registering the KBA logo as a Trade Mark, to successful complication of the NEBOSH International Construction Certificate (PILOT) course, local community involvement and projects in the USA; Asia; Europe and Middle East, the recent months have been continuously busy. 

Once again we like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, students, customers, contract employees, KBA staff, friends and family for supporting our company and the services that we provide. We will endeavour to continue to provide the current services and in 2010 look forward to new developments planned for all the business units.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2010 from the KBA Team.

Best Regards

Darren Brunton CMIOSH
Managing Director
KB Associates Pte Ltd


In this Issue


  1. Where we began to present day:-Trade Mark
  2. DMT Facebook Stay Connected
  3. Local Community Involvement – Student Work Experience program
  4. CalDive Visit
  5. IRATA South East Asia Rope Access Companies Assessors and Trainers Workshop 2009
  6. NEBOSH International Construction Certificate Pilot
  7. Santa Claus visits KBAT training course in USA – Lake Charles
  8. Training Schedule 2010- Look ahead and get ahead of your peers, continual competency development
  9. KBA Recruitment
  10. Delegate Profile: - Mr Hoa

Where we began to present day:-Trade Mark


KB Associates Pte Ltd (KBA) along with the four co existing companies has registered the KBA logo as a trade mark.  This is in keeping with what has now become a well accepted and recognised symbol of the company. Through continuous work and a sound base of clients, the management of KBA decided that the time was right to secure our trade mark. 

The trade mark does have reason behind the design and this is very much in keeping with the original set up of the company.  KB Associates Pte Ltd was incorporated early 2002 in Singapore and was founded by two individuals.  The top part of the logo is a graphic representation of the two surnames, namely ‘K’ for Brendan Kearns and ‘B’ for Darren Brunton.  The double wave at the bottom of the logo represents waves, a reference to the sea, water and prosperity.  KBA started as a consultancy for the provision of equipment, company audits and safety management services to the diving and ROV industry.

The growth of the company has not left behind those roots as we are now a well established consultancy widely known in the diving and ROV industry.  We have however expanded in a number of ways. That being;- training; marine; engineering and working at height (rope access).

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd has a significant focus on generic safety, moving away from purely offshore.   All walks of commercial safety (both nationally and internationally accredited) are now covered by full time and dedicated staff.  Our full range of IMCA diving related courses has not been compromised as we maintain full time staff teaching those disciplines.  Training has also moved into the technical arena with the diving hat maintenance as authorized providers of training services by Dive Lab USA

KBA Engineering Pte Ltd (KBAE):- KBA was broaching into certain areas of engineering.  It was therefore determined to establish an engineering arm.  Initially this took over those existing services considered to be ‘engineering’ related.  The focus was on the hyperbaric life boat testing.  To date the company has performed 25 tests and on order a further three.  The continuous development of KBAE hard and software allows us to benefit from lessons learned and provide a more efficient service.  The engineering department has not been developed merely to undertake existing work scope.  We have been audited by SAC Singlass for the calibration of gauges from 0 – 10,000 psi.  The calibration services portfolio will expand over time.

KB Access Pte Ltd:- KBA eye on safety has not missed out on the high risk activity of working at height.  Training for working at height involves the set up of structures that would enable candidates to practice what they have been taught.  In a purpose built facility, KBA have established a internationally approved training facility.  Due to the nature of the tasks, it was decided to create a company that would teach industrial rope access.  KB Access Pte Ltd (KBX) was therefore incorporated and was successfully audited by Industrial Rope Access Training Association (IRATA).  KBX now teaches all three levels of IRATA Roped Access and are able to provide contract services for the provision of specialist access and safe working at height beyond the scope of rope access.

KBA Marine Services Pte Ltd (KBAM):- Our works in the marine auditing world haveincreased.  We have a number of consultants working all around the world performing systematic vessel inspections.   A significant range of surveys, better known by their acronyms are performed, CMID, DP Trails, SPS, SMS, ISPS to name a few.

Marine necessarily has a tie in with other areas of the company, precisely why KBA Marine Services Pte Ltd was formed.  As an example, personnel from both diving and marine worlds need to have insight into areas of commonality.  Our DP awareness course, provided in the excellent facilities of Swire Pacific with their dedicated equipment and teaching staff, allows personnel from either side of the fence to appreciate what the other party needs, can or cannot do and a communications protocol.  The SWIRE facility has a dynamic bridge, fully functional (real) DP system, back projected screens ensuring the full size forward and aft bridge has life like scenes to allow appreciation of the actual dynamics.  People have  been known to experience seasickness!

This is not all, as increasingly the client is asking for ‘across the board’ experience and consultation.  The surveys as performed by the marine personnel are often part of the overall package required, enabling KBA to be a ‘one stop’ service provider for independent marine, diving and ROV audits and consultancy services.  Whether the vessel will be performing other services beyond that of a floating and moving platform will determine other areas of services required.

KBA in turn provides a broad spectrum of services that include Diving, ROV, Safety Management, Rig Surveys, Risk Management, Accident Investigation, Specialist Personnel Supply to name a few.  KB Access provides the ability to reach areas restricted by height or difficulty, KBA Engineering allows for the calibration of gauges both hydraulic and pneumatic and last but certainly not least, KBA Training Services offers training in an ever expanding range of related topics.

In the 8 years since incorporation KB Associates is proud of where we are and fully acknowledge the continued support of clients, companies, students, individuals, staff, consultants and trade associations. Our name is far larger than the two original creators and this prompted the management to register the trade mark.  It will therefore be common to see ® next to our logo in future.


KBAT Diver Medic Technician (DMT); Facebook Stay Connected

KBAT has recently setup a ‘DMT Connect group’ on ‘facebook’. We are hoping to reach out to DMT candidates who had taken a course with  KBAT as a form keeping in touch with one another.
The Objective of this communication method means and ‘study group’ is to keep everyone  posted on the latest medical best practices, IMCA updates and safety flashes and to allow members to have access to any topics  DMT’s might wish to put up for discussion. From sharing of incidents and lessons they have learnt while performing their duty as a DMT onsite. It is also proposed to upload photos, videos and other interesting medical related information to be shared amongst the group.

The DMT Connect has been set up to provide a platform for professional comments and up dates, we hope that it will be used only for the purposes outlined in the Objectives and look forward to hearing from you.

In Conclusion, KBAT believes that training doesn’t stop at the point of course completion but rather it is ongoing, everyday is a new learning experience.

For more information contact Wayne at medic@kbassociates.org

Local Community Involvement – Student Work Experience program
During November KBA had the pleasure of two young ladies from a local school - CHIJ Secondary School joined us for 1 weeks work attachment. During the week  the girls worked under the supervision of KBA staff and played a supporting role to administrative duties. While enjoying the working environment at KBA one comment from the girls – it was nice to work in a working environment where you have to work and cannot play!

CalDive Visit

Another site visit to CalDive’s yard for new students took place this month.  KBAT have had a long and fruitful working relationship with CalDive Singapore who have regularly allowed our students to have site visits to the diving systems in their yard to improve the students knowledge & understanding of the diving equipment.  Recently CalDive have moved to new larger premises with facilities for storing & maintaining Saturation Systems undercover.   Seen here are KBAT students with Ed Rivett, Equipment Manager, Eastern Hemisphere and Martin Hardy Diving Operations Manager, Eastern Hemisphere

IRATA South East Asia Rope Access Companies Assessors and Trainers Workshop 2009
IRATA South East Asia Rope Access Companies Assessors and Trainers Workshop 2009 was hosted by KB Access Pte Ltd at our training centre in Changi. A total of 28 delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Singapore training and operation member companies attended the 1 day workshop.  During the 5 hours, topics discussed included; proper usage of access equipment, syllabus content and current issues  with regards to training and assessments; debates on training maneuvers for all levels and methods & techniques while carrying out demonstrations on ropes.  The IRATA training syllabus was discussed in detail with the goal being to achieve a common understanding. Everyone enjoyed a buffet lunch followed by more activities and discussions.  Feedback from the event has been that the work shop was very informative and that the open dialoguehelps to improve the training and assessing process.   On behalf of KB Access Pte Ltd, we would like to thank all those who attended and also the IRATA SEA RAC  for allowing us the opportunity to host such an important event.

(Above) Photo of all attendees at the IRATA South East Asia Rope Access Companies Assessors and Trainers Workshop 2009

NEBOSH International Construction Certificate (Pilot); November 2009

Every new venture has a starting point and international health and safety qualifications are no different. The first International Construction Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health is termed a Pilot as a means of referring to its initial trial. If the feedback from trainees and chosen training organisations is positive the course will be released to the global market. The initial feedback from those involved with the course at KBA Training Centre Pte. Ltd. (KBAT) suggests that the course will be an overwhelming success. The nine delegates from Singapore, England, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia and Denmark approached the written examination with a high level of confidence. The prospect of solving 11 scenarios based construction problems, in examination conditions, did not faze them at all.

Delegates have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to put theory into practice by performing a further practical examination. KBAT worked with Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. Senior Safety Manager, John Birchall to provide the opportunity for all delegates to visit a landmark construction project and note the management of health and safety. This allowed delegates, who are not working in construction at present, the opportunity to complete the practical examination. Delegates were given first hand experience of good practice and the many challenges of construction health and safety. The practical examination tested the delegates’ ability to identify common construction hazards and generate a management report to provide cost effective remedial action. Visiting the construction phase of the Marina Bay Sands was a memorable experience for all concerned.

Training participant AB Retief commented that the balance between course duration and quantity of material was perfect. He also enjoyed sharing experiences with delegates from varied backgrounds.

KBAT and our clients are eagerly awaiting NEBOSH’s decision to officially launch the International Construction Certificate and are proud to be only one of five NEBOSH providers worldwide to have been chosen to offer the Pilot NEBOSH International Construction Certificate.

Santa Claus visits KBAT training course in USA – Lake Charles

After a successful year of conducting IMCA Diving Supervisor and ALST course in Lake Charles (USA) with the support of our local partner LBJ Maritime we were pleased when Santa Claus decided to visit the class during the December course. The delegates attending the course where also very happy. For those of you who know our Training Manager Mr Alan Rhodes- he was in USA running the course at the time but was not able to be in this photo!

KBAT have scheduled regular courses during 2010 in Lake Charles and other locations in USA – for more details check our web site www.kbassociates.org or email us at training@kbassociates.org

Training Schedule 2010- Look ahead and get ahead of your peers, continual competency development
With the end of 2009 near – now is the time to look ahead to 2010 and develop your skills and competency. 2010 will see our training program expanding, as well as continuing to offer the regular IMCA, NEBOSH and IOSH courses, we will be enhancing our training program with BESPOKE short courses, additionally introducing new courses such as Reclaim Technician and helmet maintenance, technician skills short courses, local diver training and supervisor training programs; and at the same time offering and providing these courses in a wide field overseas. Now is the time to look up the training schedule and book yourself on the courses for 2010. Check out the web site www.kbatraining.org


KBA Recruitment

Full Time Staff Positions:-

  1. General Manager
  2. Marketing Executive
  3. Marine Consultant / Business Development ( Master / DP experience)
  4. Project Manager – Marine / Construction
  5. Asset Integrity Co ordinator
  6. Process Safety / Chemical Engineer  
  7. HR senior executive

Contract Positions:

  1. Marine  / DP  Auditor (s)
  2. Construction Engineers – Marine / Inshore / Port Construction
  3. Marine Consultant / Business Development ( Master / DP experience)
  4. Project Manager – Diving Systems - New Build
  5. Project Manager – Marine / Construction / Inshore / Port Construction
  6. Marine vessel / diving system Asset Integrity Co ordinator

If you are interested in any of the above positions and have suitable qualifications and experience please submit CV to Christine@kbassociates.org

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Delegate Profile

Name: (Mr.) Trieu Hoang Hoa
Position: HSE Engineer

When did you become interested in health and safety?
Mr. Hoa: At about the end of 2001 when I started my work in HSE management as assigned by my boss.


How has a NEBOSH qualification help you with your career?
Mr. Hoa: Knowledge and Accreditation are what I pay attention to. Furthermore my boss can consider higher positions for me in the future. And I can be recognized by our neighbor oil and gas operators for
health and safety management professionally.

Which is more important experience or qualifications and why?
Mr. Hoa: For me both are equally important because my objective is to have a good career with good income. In Vietnamif you have only experience or vice versa, it’s not enough for you to achieve the above objective.

While studying at KBAT please describe your training experience and how this has benefited you with your career?
Mr. Hoa: My training experience was saving time for brain storm and trying to avoid stress. It was not easy job to consume such big training materials within 2 weeks. I did a lot of home works, did brain storm (referring to my past jobs also) very a lot after training hours, relaxed on the sea beach in holidays. The most important thing was to stop right after I felt full of my mind.

How did you get your current job?
Mr. Hoa: My background is marine navigation. In the past when I was working as a sailor on the supply vessels (good job for me at the moment) then my boss asked me to move onshore to work as QHSE Officer (for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management) which I did not pay attention to at the moment really. But gradually I‘ve got more attentions when I felt it can feed me. And now I think I was right. The job has fed me and supported / saved lives of many other people.

Describe an average day in your job?
Mr. Hoa: My job is within 5 days/week and 8hrs/day. Mainly to manage health, safety and environmental operations on the drilling rigs and other jobs as assigned by my bosses. As my company is premature, I am also studying to develop a feasible HSE management system for it. It is required for next period of developing our oil field and moving to production period.

  • Checking emails and messages, recording necessary jobs within the day and the week
  • Checking legal compliance and giving proposals if any finding
  • Implementing the assigned jobs.
  • Reporting the job done to my bosses and any necessary support.

What health and safety subject are you most interested in?
Mr. Hoa: It is how to achieve top leadership commitment for HSE. It is so important to achieve success for my jobs and my career.

What is your advice to those aiming for a career in health and safety?
Mr. Hoa: Self confidence and patience. Learn more about skills in solving problems / troubleshooting.

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