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Please find attached a brochure(s) and registration form for a special event that we believe could be of interest  to you - a BowTieXP Risk Analysis & Assessment Master Class to be held in SINGAPORE  on September 22nd – 25th. Also included over the course will be the Investigator 3- TOPSET ® Incident Investigation Course.

KBAT are pleased to be working with Governor BV from Holland with this highly acclaimed course and software package. The course will end on the Friday 25th and for Grand Prix enthusiast the Singapore GP will be taking Place and all course delegates will be invited to the KBAT entertainment evening at Boat Quay on Race Night.

With limited seats available on this course – please book and register early!!

Kind Regards
Darren Brunton
Managing Director

Singapore BowTieXP Master Class


Investigator 3 –  Tripod & TOP-SET®

September 22nd – 25th

BowTie Risk Analysis / Assessment & Investigator 3 Training

How to create relevant risk assessments using the BowTieXP Methodology and Software

So far this comprehensive training event has been successfully run in Australia, Singapore, North and South America, the United Kingdom, Norway and The Netherlands for the Offshore Oil and Gas, Mining and Aviation industries.

The primary purpose of this event is to prepare your HSE and Risk professionals to undertake qualitative risk assessments using the leading BowTie Analysis software, BowTieXP, and best practices. The content of the course is relevant to all industries and types of risks.

This course is for anyone interested in learning the basics of risk management: practical risk analysis both for preventing incidents and for learning from incidents. In four days you will not only master the theory, BowTie and Tripod in particular, but you will know how to use the tools and techniques and apply them to your organisation. When it comes to learning risk & incident analysis, Governors / KBAT provides the ideal start with this course.

This four-day Governors / KBAT course is divided in two main parts:

Day 1 and 2: Learning how to create operationally relevant risk analyses using the Bowtie method and BowTieXP software

Day 3 and 4: Investigator 3 – Identifying and managing the true causes of incidents using the unique 3-Method approach from Investigator 3: Root Cause, Tripod & TOP-SET®

Based on your interests and level of expertise (novice/risk professional), you have the option to select your days of choice. You will need to bring your Lap Top to the training session / course to get hands on experience of the software during the training.

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BowTieXP ECE Brochure V4
Application Form
Course Invitation

 We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact:- training@kbassociates.org

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