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Diary from Rozani (the team are home safe and well)

In a team of 3, David Lim, Grant Rawlinson and myself we made up ‘The Spirit of Singapore Expedition 2009’ attempting unclimbed Peaks in the Central Tien Shan Mountain Range. It was a successful expedition for us. Facing the unknown terrain, deep snow and bad weather, we managed to climb 3 mountains over a period of 11 days.


The 1st peak was 4587 meters high and  was climbed on 7th August. Starting at 5 am from base camp, it took us almost 9 hours in total reach the peak and to get back to base camp. Tired but we were each happy to have a crack on the mountain.

Due to  rain and snowy conditions, I did not join David and Grant for the 2nd successful climb. The summit was 4457 meters high. They had to climb in the wet and cold but later enjoy the sun and good views on their way up to the summit. It took them 9 hours to get back to base camp. No regrets on my side due to the condition of my water proofing that gave me my doubts. 

On the 13th August we left base camp at 3.30am  for the 3rd peak. At a height of 5175 meters, it took us 7hrs 30mins to reach the summit. The wind picked up and it was difficult for us to have group photos on the summit. During the descent the weather turned poor with driving snow. We reached base camp at 4:10PM. Exhausted!! But we managed to prepare dinner!!.

(The highest peak of 5575m has been named by Rozani as - Majulah (forge on) Peak.)

We had 4 days spare to climb more peaks but the weather turns from bad to worse. It snows every afternoon till very late night. Even the day when the helicopter supposed to come and pick us up, the pilot could not fly in such conditions. They have to come on the next day for us. By that time we were short on food and eating rationed oats for dinner.


On the 17th August we were picked up from the glacier to the grassy meadows of Karkara. On behalf of the team I would like to thanks our bosses for the support and making KB Access as the main sponsor. It really motivates the team to try harder to be successful.

Response from the Management of KB Access Pte Ltd

We all congratulate David, Rozani and Grant on a successful expedition achieving new heights in both mountaineering and excellence.

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