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Challenges that Diving and ROV Client Representatives faced during operations

Challenges that Diving and ROV Client Representatives faced during operations

The need for Client Representatives

A lot is at stake in the onshore / offshore oil & gas industry where multimillion dollar projects are initiated, often in international waters. These projects commonly include operations such as subsea drilling, exploration and construction. These activities are often carried out in a hostile work environment where people and equipment are continually exposed to hazards, from the natural environment, operational activities and human factors.

It is imperative to maintain the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency at all times. But how do we ensure the contractor engaged by the client will ‘play by the book’ and carry out the project in accordance with the contract? Who will take the responsibility of communication and coordination between client and contractor? There are several questions but one definitive answer: the Client Worksite Representative.

Role & Responsibilities

Client Worksite Representatives play a fundamental role in the efficient execution and successful delivery of an onshore or offshore project while upholding the ethos of the client’s organisation. They act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Client Company and work to protect client’s best business interests. As such, they shoulder the responsibility of a multitude of tasks that include:

  • Provide effective leadership, maintain a sense of camaraderie and infuse morale and motivation among the entire offshore team
  • Ensure that efficient planning, and operational activities are conducted in accordance with the contract and report on the day-to-day operations
  • Ensure compliance with clients, industry and project related Health & Safety issues
  • Ensure compliance with National & International regulations and guidelines
  • Submit comprehensive daily reports to the client focal representative

And many more….

KBA –Supplying reliable & responsible Client Worksite Representatives (CWRs)

KB Associates has been providing Client Worksite Representatives- CWR (Diving, ROV and Safety) for the past 14 years to major Oil & Gas clients globally. KBA provides a detailed competency assessment (in accordance with IOGP and IMCA guidelines) for each of the CWR, providing assurance that the individual has suitable skills, knowledge and experience to fit the project’s scope of work and client requirements. With long term contracts in place with clients in Asia, Middle East, UK and Africa; our team of CWRs are available to meet your project requirements.

KBA ensures the assurance of safety, health and contract compliance from the very onset of the project planning, through to mobilisation, execution, de-mobilisation, review and lessons learnt of the project. Apart from Diving and ROV Client Representatives, we also have specialised manpower on hire, which includes Inspection Engineers & Coordinators, ACFM Operators, Engineers (Subsea), Safety Representatives and Offshore Medics.

KBA Advantage – the management and full time project support team located in KBA offices (Singapore and UK), are all ex-commercial divers, with a collective experience of over 200 years as divers, supervisors and client worksite representatives. We know your language and requirements.

To know how your project can derive multidimensional benefits from our Client Representatives, please contact us.

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