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Benefits of Appointing a Professional Project Management Team

Benefits of Appointing a Professional Project Management Team

Complexities and challenges involved in ROV/Diving operations

Offshore oil and gas drilling or exploration, sub aquatic construction, marine vessel repairs/maintenance and many other activities call for diving operations. Diving is a demanding activity, both physically and psychologically. As diving teams carry out tasks like welding or cutting in the inky blackness 500 feet or more below the surface, they indeed work in a hostile environment where risk is a constant companion and danger looms large in the water.

Maintaining quality and safety standards

A lot is at stake in underwater operations, essentially the lives of people and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment/machinery that is hidden below the waterline. Hence safety is paramount, which in turn hinges on adhering to the highest standards of quality. Parameters such as professional training, physical check-up, fitness levels, equipment standards, air quality, etc. assume prime significance in diving operations.

Need for dedicated industry expertise

Diving is a decidedly different activity - not everyone is cut out for supervising diving operations. Only seasoned professionals who are attuned to the requisite protocols and industry practices, backed by relevant experience and have a passion for diving would have the proficiency to control and monitor a diving project.

Engage KBA – the professional project management experts

KB Associates’ Project Management is a proven, time-tested service to ensure time and cost-optimised project roll-out in both offshore and inland diving operations. We can provide a team of professionals to assist and manage your project from the initial planning and issuance of the 'Invitation to Tender', writing of procedures, to the final completion of the project reports. As the specialists in inspection, operations, safety management and engineering, our consultants will provide integrated services and help achieve timely project completion with focus on safety, cost efficiency and global best practices.

To know how your organisation/project will benefit from our expertise, please visit our Project Management Service page.

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