Safety, the first priority

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Safety, the first priority

Safety, the first priority

Health and safety @ work – adopting best practices

Integrating safety into the workflow

Health and safety at the workplace assumes crucial significance. All the more so in offshore oil and gas operations, where people often work in hazardous environments and perform under risky situations.

A mishap or unpleasant incident can turn out to be catastrophic; it could endanger human life, have negative economic impact and create far-reaching ecological ripples.  The Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 is a vivid case in point.

Health and safety is intricately linked to business performance and brand reputation. Hence it is imperative to integrate safety into the organisation’s workflow, follow best practices and adhere to globally accepted protocols.

KBA – providing leading-edge Safety Management solutions

KBA works as your trusted partner in Safety Management & Accident Prevention. We wholeheartedly believe that safety should not be viewed just from the lens of compliance; it should be deeply anchored in the company’s culture and values.

We analyse your business activities and operations, help identify the gaps and work out an optimal solution to close those gaps. Our focus is on creating a safe working environment for you and your people. Through proactively managed liability, we enable smooth business operations, improve your safety track record and boost employee confidence.

The impact is wide and deep across the organisation, ultimately resulting in better productivity and efficiency.

Our scope

As part of our Consulting Service, we provide safety professionals to council and conduct Safety Management Reviews, On-site Safety Audit / Inspections, Safety Manuals as well as project-specific activities. In the event of an Accident/Incident, KB Associates can provide a qualified, independent investigation team to complete the investigation and compile an in depth report.

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants bring a refreshing, practical approach to workplace safety, who work closely with your team to enable you to achieve your strategic goals vis-à-vis health and safety.

Engage the safety management specialists

Looking to improve the safety culture in your organisation? Want to streamline health & safety into your processes? At KBA, we are strongly positioned to offer you the best-fit solution. By taking up an independent assessment of the health & safety landscape at your place, we help you to pin point potential hazards, reduce accidents and achieve cost savings for the business.

To know how KBA can partner with you to implement global standards in health & safety management, visit our Health & Safety Consultancy Services page.

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