Why it is important to have periodic diving system and equipment audits

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Why it is important to have periodic diving system and equipment audits

Why it is important to have periodic diving system and equipment audits

Diving system audits & ROV system audits - pepping up for peak performance

Safety first

Diving operations constitute a high-risk activity where the safety of personnel and protection of high-cost equipment is paramount. These operations involve the use of a wide range of dive and ROV systems and assorted equipment. From the safety standpoint, it is imperative to run these systems at peak operational efficiency. Hence it makes sense for both contractor and client to ensure optimal performance of these mission critical systems at all times. This is the key reason why diving system audits and equipment system audits take center stage. Auditing enables contractors to find and single out systems that are unsafe for operation. It is a specialised, highly meticulous activity that is carried out by qualified, well-trained professionals.

KBA – the frontrunner in auditing services

As a leading diving system auditing service provider credited with the auditing of more than 1000 systems and company audits globally in our years of services, KBA leverages this valuable experience to offer an official and independent audit of related equipment for your project operations. We take up the following audits:

  • Diving System Audits in accordance with IMCA D023, IMCA D024, IMCA D037, IMCA D053, IMCA D40 audit guidance notes and D014 International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving
  • ROV System Audits (In accordance with IMCA R006 audit guidance note)
  • Vessel System Audits
  • Company Management System Audits
  • Development of Diving Systems FMECA

Commitment to safety and operational excellence

Safety is the cornerstone of our business; the safety aspect is deeply integrated into our process. Our auditors are qualified, experienced, and unbiased professionals without any affiliation to ROV or diving contractors. They are trained in Safety Management Systems audits registered under the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA), and maintain complete certification under the IMCA Diving Supervisors Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4. Playing by the rule book, they carry out the audit in accordance with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)'s standards and guidelines as well as in tune with clients’ specifications.

Engage the experts

Are you looking to improve the safety performance of your ROV system or diving equipment? Do you wish to avoid mishaps, protect personnel and safeguard assets? KBA is your trusted partner for diving system and equipment audit. We have the authentication, expertise and the experience to offer you impeccable service. Our objective is to meet the client's standards and uphold the contractor's reputation by adhering to the highest professional standards. To know more, please visit our Auditing Service page.

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