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Participant must possess Work-At-Height for Supervisors or relevant Supervisors certificate.

The participant is recommended to possess basic health and safety knowledge.

Language proficiency, recommended WPLN Level 5 and above or equivalent for English language.

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SGD $420.00

About This Course ~ Approved by Ministry of Manpower Singapore, Approved for SDF Training Grant

NOTE: It is COMPULSORY for trainees to wear safety boots during the practical assessment.


The aim of the course is to provide participants with the requisite WAH knowledge and management tools/processes to supervise and manage work at height activities, so that they are carried out properly and safely.


At the end of the course, course participants will be able to:

  • Identify, explain and apply the relevant Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Legislations / Approved Code of Practice / Singapore Standards applicable to Work-at-Heights (WAH).
  • Identify and explain the Roles & Responsibilities of WAH Assessor.
  • Identify hazards, evaluate the risk, and implement control measures for WAH activities.
  • Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of Fall Prevention Plan.
  • Evaluate whether the control measures implemented on site for PTW are adequate and effective.


This course is mainly for project managers, project engineers, facility managers, WSH officers, WSH coordinators or equivalent who are required to evaluate WAH activities before endorsing the PTW for WAH in their workplace.


The course comprises the following topics delivered over 1 day.

  1. Legal requirements, Approved Code of Practice and Standards for WAH (Workplace Safety and Health Act; WSH (WAH) Regulations; WSH (GP), WSH (Con), WSH(SSR), WSH (RM) Regulations; Approved Code of Practice for Working Safely at Height.)
  2. Roles and Responsibilities (Manager, Assessor, Supervisor)
  3. Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation (Principle of Hierarchy of control; Identification of hazards of WAH activities; Evaluating WAH risk; Alternatives to Working at Heights)
  4. Implementation of control measures for WAH (Implementation of controls measures; Differences between travel   restraint and fall arrest; Evaluating Fall Prevention / Fall Arrest Systems; Fall Arrest Calculations; Selection of suitable      Personal Protective Equipment for Travel Restraint / Fall Arrest; Common errors in fall prevention / fall arrest systems)
  5. Fall Prevention Plan (FPP) & its components, including emergency response for WAH (Describe the elements of Fall Prevention Plan; Defining the Roles and Responsibilities of key stakeholders in different industries; How Risk Assessment and Control Measures protect the workers at heights; Safe Work Procedures for WAH activities; Selection of Fall Prevention / Fall Arrest Systems and Equipment; Inspection and Maintenance regime of WAH equipment; Incident Investigations;     Emergency Preparedness for fall rescue)
  6. Implementation of Permit-To-Work (PTW) for WAH (PTW System for WAH; Roles and responsibilities of personnel in PTW)


1 day / 8.5 contact hours (including 2hrs of assessment)


Participants must possess Work-At-Height for Supervisors certificate. Employability Skills System (ESS) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above, or equivalent for English Language. Ability to carry out hazards identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures.


The course is assessed by a 2-hour written test comprising 10 short answer questions and 1 essay question. Participants with 100% attendance and successfully completed / passed the written assessment, shall be issued with a Certificate of Attainment. Participants who fail the written test shall be required to repeat the whole course again.

FUNDING ~ Applicable for Singaporean & Permanent Residents only

Approved for Skills Development Fund (SDF) Training Grant (eligibility criteria apply). Absentee Payroll (AP) approved.

*Final grant amount subject to WDA approval.

Pending Approval for Continuing Professional Development Accreditation

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WPLN Descriptor: ESS Workplace Literacy & Workplace Numeracy Skills Level Descriptors (WPLN)


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